Choosing The Best Image For Custom Diamond Paintings

Custom diamond paintings transform your favorite photos and images into your very own shimmering artwork. They are a fun and creative way to preserve photos and a fantastic gift with a personal touch.

However, it is important that you chose the right photo, or you might be left with a disappointing result. Here are 3 things to consider when selecting an image for your custom diamond painting:


Before uploading your image, make sure that it is a very large image and of very high quality. The higher the image quality, the more color details we can put into your diamond painting, which makes the finished product look more dynamic and better overall.

If you are uploading a photo, make sure it was taken in good lighting and isn't blurry. You can check this by zooming into your photo on your computer or laptop and checking to see if it looks very pixilated. If you are using your phone, you can zoom into your image by using two fingers to pinch your screen.

Choosing the Best Image for a Custom Diamond Painting Diamond Craft


When selecting a photo to upload, first ensure that the colors are vibrant and true, and don't have a strange cast, hue or shadow. For example, if the white in your image looks slightly yellow because it was taken in poor lighting, the yellow will be magnified x1000 when we transform it into a custom diamond painting. You will end up with lots of yellow drills that should have been white.

To combat this problem, we recommend using your favorite photo editing program or phone app to adjust the colors of your photo before uploading it to our website. Otherwise, chose a vibrant photo that doesn't have distorted coloring for best results.

choose images with clear color


When choosing a canvas size for your custom diamond painting, the general rule of thumb is, "The bigger, the better." This is because more drills can fit onto a larger canvas, and more drills equates to more detail. Smaller canvas' can sometimes appear pixilated, particularly if there are many subjects in the original photo.

The minimum canvas sizes that we recommend are as follows:

  • 1 person in your photo: 30x40cm (12x16in)
  • 2 people in your photo: 40x50cm (16x20in)
  • 3 people in your photo: 60x80cm (24x31in)

The image below is an example of how a custom diamond painting appears clearer and looks less pixilated as the canvas size is increased:

the larger the canvas the clearer your diamond painting will be

If you still have questions about creating your own custom diamond painting, or if you would like help editing your photo or image, please don't hesitate to contact us. A friendly member of our team is always happy to help.

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