Northern Lights Diamond Painting Kits

Northern Lights Diamond Painting Kits

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    4 products

    Shine Bright with 5D Northern Lights Diamond Paintings

    Do you want to create a stunning piece of northern lights diamond art? The Aurora Borealis is already a piece of natural artwork in itself: all those deep and gorgeous flashes of red and purple and green, dancing across the Arctic sky. If you’d like a piece of that majesty in your own home, you need not look any further than our northern lights diamond painting kits. These innovative and high-quality kits contain all you need to produce your own masterpiece.

    Following our simple instructions, you can create a mosaic of diamond-like, brightly-colored resin, and display your masterpiece as a wall-hanging, framed piece of artwork, a throw pillow, or a gorgeous textured cover of a scrapbook, photo album, or diary.

    Our Northern Lights Diamond Painting Kit Contents:

    Save a frustrating and costly trip to the store; instead, allow us to deliver all you need to get started! Whether you’re creating our soothing Nordic Escape or our breath-taking Aurora Skies, your 5D diamond crafting kits will always contain the following:

    • Instruction sheet with symbol chart
    • Vibrant diamonds, all separately packaged by color
    • Canvas that has the design chart printed on it
    • Diamond applicator pen and attachments
    • Adhesive wax
    • Small tray
    • Tweezers
    • Small Ziplock bags to store drills once packets have been opened

    Want To Make Your Own Northern Light Diamond Art?

    We’re happy to help! It’s very easy to upload your photographs to our site from the Internet, your phone, or your computer. Once we have your chosen picture, we’ll turn it into a custom diamond painting design just for you, so that you can create your own unique Northern Lights 5D diamond paintings.

    Choose Us For 5D Diamond Painting the Northern Lights

    You can shop with Diamond Craft and have confidence that you are getting the best quality 5D diamond painting of the Northern Lights. We’re all about quality and we rigorously test all tools and accessories to ensure they meet our high standards. As passionate crafters ourselves, we feel we have a better insight into what customers want and we always strive to cater for those needs. You’ll be happy to know that we also offer free international shipping on orders over $50 USD.

    Diamond painting is our passion and we’re excited for you to join our growing community. Please reach out to us if you have any questions as we’d be happy to help you.
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