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Diamond Painting Notebooks

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    Take Notes in Style with Bespoke Notebook Diamond Art

    Are you a student, cramming for exams and coursework? Or a person who loves keeping a diary – the pages of which are bursting with your thoughts, feelings, and dreams? Perhaps you’re a writer, earnestly scribbling away at your future bestselling romance novel, legal thriller, theater script, or screenplay? Many of us are wordsmiths and don’t even know it, and we use the written word every day – from grocery lists, to jotting down messages, to making a record of grandma’s unparalleled recipe for apple pie.

    If you want to make your notes in style, why not treat yourself to one of our notebook diamond painting kits? Our notebooks are a little different from our other paint with diamonds products. While most of our crafting kits are done on a piece of patterned canvas, with our 5D diamond painting notebooks, you’ll be crafting by placing colored resin tiles directly onto the book’s cover.

    What Notebook 5D Diamond Painting Designs Do We Offer?

    We have a dazzling array of notebook cover crafting projects for you to choose from. Whatever you can think of, we’ve got you covered. Our beautiful kits feature peacocks, unicorns, owls, religious imagery, mandala patterns, stained glass window designs, swans in flight, and more! And if you can’t find a design that you absolutely love (though we’d be surprised if this was the case) it’s also easy to upload your own pictures, and create a custom diamond painting kit.

    What Comes in Our Notebook Diamond Painting Kits?

    Our high-quality notebook diamonds art comes with all the equipment, materials, and instructions you need. Whether you’re an established crafting pro, or you have never tried your hand at an art project before, we wanted to make sure our products are fun, accessible, and relaxing for everybody. That’s why they come in a range of difficulty levels and designs, so you can customize your Diamond Craft experience from start to finish!

    We Love Diamond Painting Notebooks

    Diamond painting is relaxing, and takes you away from the rush of the modern world. You’ll also be left with a finished masterpiece you can be proud of, and show off to your friends and family. And with our wide range of projects and designs, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained, time and time again.

    If this all sounds great, you can browse our extensive range of notebook 5D diamond paintings via our online catalog. We are always happy to hear from our potential customers or satisfied buyers, so please feel free to get in touch using the details provided on the contact us page of our website.
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