Gnome Diamond Painting Kits

Gnome Diamond Painting Kits

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    3 products

    Create Your Own Unique Artwork with Gnome Diamond Painting Kits

    Are you looking for a new creative hobby that will allow you to unwind and create something wonderful at the same time? Do you want to give your crafting confidence a boost and take up a new hobby? Do you love gnomes as much as we do? If yes, why not give our gnome diamond art a try! Diamond painting is a great way to relax after a long day and gives you the opportunity to create stunning pieces of artwork that you can display.

    Gnome 5D Diamond Painting Kit Contents

    We provide everything you need to create amazing diamond art. Our gnome 5D diamond painting kits contain:

    • Premium packaging designed for crease-proof canvases
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • 1 x Premium adhesive canvas
    • 1 x Diamond tray
    • 1 x Diamond applicator pen
    • 2 x Multi-diamond applicator attachments
    • 1 x Adhesive wax
    • 1 x Quality metal tweezers
    • Packaged 5D diamonds, separated by color
    • Extra ziplock bags for diamond storage

    Create a Piece of Gnome Diamond Art You’ll Love

    If you want to create something unique, our 5D diamond paintings of gnomes will leave you in awe. With their roots in Renaissance magic and alchemy, these mythological creatures make for great pieces of art. Known as symbols of good luck and stability, gnomes have the very important job of protecting the earth's treasures underground. We love everything about the uniqueness of these bearded men with pointed hats.

    Gnome diamond artwork can look amazing when framed and hung in a living room, a bedroom, a nursery or in a kid’s play room. Our kits also make amazing gifts so why not give that gnome-loving someone in your life a gift that they’ll love? We promise they’ll enjoy endless hours of fun.

    Choose One Of Our Gnome Diamond Paintings Today!

    Can’t find the design you’re looking for? We also provide a custom diamond painting kit option; all you need to do is upload an image of your choice from the Internet or your phone and our artists will create a one of a kind custom kit just for you. It couldn’t be easier! And remember; we offer free international shipping on all orders of $50 USD or more. Diamond Craft is a family run business and we’re passionate about creating the best quality gnome diamond painting kits for our customers. We’re super excited to hear your thoughts on our kits so just reach out to us if you have any questions or comments.
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