Eye Diamond Painting Kits

Eye Diamond Painting Kits

4 products
    4 products

    DIY Eye Diamond Painting Kits

    The eyes are not just windows to the world around us. They are also windows inwards, giving others a glimpse into our inner feelings and thoughts. The eyes represent light, vigilance, intelligence, truth and moral conscience. Our eye diamond painting kits capture all of that so take a few minutes to check out our collection below. We work with a team of professional artists who create exclusive designs for us each week so be sure to come back and see what amazing new creations they’ve come up with.

    Look on the Bright Side with Eye 5D Diamond Paintings

    Open your eyes to a collection of the best quality eye 5D diamond paintings on the market. As fellow crafters, the team here at Diamond Craft is committed to providing the best quality products and service. We pay attention to each and every item that goes into our kits so you can be sure our diamonds will shine brighter and our adhesive will be super strong. All other tools and accessories also meet our high standards for quality so you never have to worry about flimsy canvases and poor quality drill pens. We also use a specially designed packaging procedure that’s designed to keep canvases crease-free during shipping/transportation.

    Diamond Painting Eyes: Will I need to buy anything else in addition to the kit?

    No, you won’t need to buy another thing! Each kit contains:

    • Premium packaging designed for crease-proof canvases
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • 1x premium adhesive canvas
    • 1x diamond tray
    • 1x diamond applicator pen
    • 2x multi-diamond applicator attachments
    • 1x adhesive wax
    • 1x quality metal tweezers
    • Packaged 5D diamonds, separated and packaged by color
    • Extra ziplock bags for diamond storage

    Order an Eye Diamond Art Kit From Diamond Craft Today

    Relax and unwind with your favorite 5D eye diamond painting kit. It will help to relieve stress and anxiety, giving your brain the chance to switch off from the outside world. Diamond painting kit will inspire your creativeness and give your artistic talents a confidence boost. You’ll enjoy the different stages that are involved in the crafting process and we promise you’ll be in awe when you see the finished project shine and sparkle when the light hits it.
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