Native American Diamond Painting Kits

Native American Diamond Painting Kits

4 products
    4 products

    Create Breath-taking Native American 5D Diamond Paintings

    Welcome to Diamond Craft Kits! We are a small and friendly family-run business committed to providing a unique and rewarding crafting experience. With our Native American diamond painting kits, you can create your own dazzling and special piece of artwork as a loving homage to the spirituality and connection with nature that Native American culture promotes. Diamond painting involves creating your own small mosaic with colorful, diamond-like pieces of resin, and it’s a wonderful way to relieve stress and carve out some time away from our fast-paced modern world – why not give yourself a well-deserved break from emails and screen time?

    What Is Included In My Native American Diamond Painting Kit?

    It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself ‘artsy’ or not: our products come with all the instructions, equipment, and materials you could possibly need to get started. Our products have different levels of intricacy, and you can find the right kit for you in our extensive online catalog. Below is a list of what you can expect to find in your diamond painting kits:

    • Instruction sheet with symbol chart
    • Vibrant diamonds, all separately packaged by color
    • Canvas that has the design chart printed on it
    • Diamond applicator pen and attachments
    • Adhesive wax
    • Small tray
    • Tweezers
    • Small Ziplock bags to store drills once packets have been opened

    We Love Diamond Painting Native American Artwork

    The fun doesn’t stop at the end of the crafting experience: one of the best things about our products is that you get to keep and proudly display the fruit of your labors. Once you’ve finished your piece of Native American diamond art, you have a wide array of options as to what you can do with it.

    You can frame it and hang it on your wall; alternatively, if you’re a sewing whizz, you can sew the canvas to a piece of fabric in a complementary color, and display the diamond painting as a wall-hanging.

    If you really want to show off your skills, you could even add a fancy border. Any of your completed Native American 5D paintings can also be used as a wonderful accent to any living space – be it a bedroom, living room, or reading nook – as a decorative throw pillow. You can also use it as a gorgeously textured cover for a diary, scrapbook, or photo album – the possibilities are endless!

    For more information, please contact us via the information on our website – we’d love to hear from you! You’ll love creating your own, intricate 5D diamond paintings of Native Americans.
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