About Us

Diamond Craft is a family run and owned business. We absolutely love crafting and are really excited to have turned our passion into something that we can share with the world!

With adult lives today becoming increasingly busier and more stressful, we launched Diamond Craft to offer a creative and unique way for people to unwind and relax through art, without any prior skill or experience needed. Our diamond painting kits are easy enough for adults of all ages to enjoy and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. You can even custom create your own, and turn your favorite photos and images into diamond paintings. We have spent countless months combing the world for the best suppliers, manufacturers and artists, and are extremely happy with our final products and know you will be too!

Whether or not you are artistic or have tried similar activities like cross-stitching before, if you are looking for a fun and easy hobby that you can do from home, try our diamond painting kits. It’s so satisfying to watch your creation come together and is very relaxing. We love crafting and promise that you won’t be disappointed.


At Diamond Craft, we pride ourselves on our customer service and product quality.

We know how disappointing it can be when you receive something that you ordered online that is either broken, faulty or nothing like the description, so here are some methods that we have implemented to ensure that your experience with us is nothing but positive:

In-house quality-control team:

We regularly inspect the quality of our canvas, materials, tools, diamonds, the clarity and legibility of the instructions and all corresponding symbols, as well as the quality of the glue to ensure that it is sufficiently adhesive. Any products that do not meet our standards are immediately removed and are not passed onto any customers.

Each kit includes at least 10% more drills of each color than required, to ensure that you have enough to complete your painting, even if you lose or drop some.

We also have dedicated staff members that personally ensure that each diamond painting kit includes all of the equipment and diamonds required to complete the painting. We rarely make mistakes, but if we somehow forget to include something in your kit, simply let us know and we will send you the missing items via priority mail.

Exclusive tough packaging:

We have custom designed our very own packaging to ensure that the shipping process does not cause any unwanted creases in the canvas, or damage any other contents. All medium to large-sized canvases that are internationally air-shipped are also wrapped in extra padding for protection.


No matter your design aesthetic, we have one of the largest selections of diamond painting kits and accessories on the planet! If we don’t have quite what you are looking for, we can also create custom designs and pictures to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Environmentally Conscious:

At Diamond Craft, we understand the devastating effects that plastic has on the environment and so actively work to offset our plastic production. We donate a percentage of our profits to 'The Ocean Cleanup', a non-for-profit charity dedicated to developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastics by 2050. Read more information about our Plastic Offset Program.

Customer Support Team:

If you ever have any questions regarding our products or about a purchase you have made, we have a dedicated customer support team that work Mon-Fri and are always quick to respond. If you would like to speak to a friendly member of our team, please contact us or email us directly at support@diamondcraftkits.com.

Relax, get creative and we hope you enjoy Diamond Craft ♡