Puppy Diamond Painting Kits

Puppy Diamond Painting Kits

13 products
    13 products

    Our Puppy Diamond Painting Kits Are the Embodiment of Cuteness

    It is easy to see why so many people are absolutely in love with these furry bundles of joy! The happiness they bring is immeasurable and their longing looks melt our hearts.

    We’re a family run business and so, we adore things that everyone can relate to and appreciate. A love for animals is, of course, a popular category and that’s why we simply couldn’t resist adding fluffy fun to our collection of animal diamond art.

    Relax and Unwind with Our Puppy Diamond Art

    One of the major benefits of creating puppy diamond art is for relaxation purposes. To disconnect from the whirl of activity that regularly sweeps us up in our daily lives. As many pet owners and animal lovers will know, adorable puppies can help to reduce stress and even alleviate anxiety. So imagine settling down for the day engaging in a creative hobby and completing an image of sweet puppies. It’s the essence of tranquility, serenity and glee.

    Picture Paw-fect Puppy 5D Diamond Paintings

    If say, you don’t spot your favorite breed or you have an image of a puppy you prefer, you can upload it and we’ll make it into an adorable diamond art kit for you. Or, you could even select a photo of your pet puppy with us. Or even a family portrait of you and your little pooch all together. Either way, it will make a charmingly unique, custom diamond painting kit.

    Not seeing the exact puppy design you had envisioned? Be sure to browse our cat diamond art and kitten diamond art.

    What is Delivered with my 5D Diamond Painting Puppies Package?

    Here at Diamond Craft we want you to be over the moon with your purchase and enjoy the process of putting the piece together as much as the finished result. This is why we ensure that you receive the very best tools the industry has to offer. We never do anything by halves and so you can expect only the highest quality diamond painting kits when you order from us.

    Each puppy diamond painting kit includes:

    • Premium packaging designed for crease-proof canvases
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • 1x premium adhesive canvas
    • 1x diamond tray
    • 1x diamond drill pen
    • 2x multi-diamond applicator attachments
    • 1x adhesive wax
    • 1x quality metal tweezers
    • Packaged 5D diamonds, separated and packaged by color
    • Extra ziplock bags for diamond storage

    The step-by-step instructions should layout everything you need to do and in what order. Nevertheless, if you can any doubts, questions or worries about your puppy diamond paintings you can email us. We are always more than happy to assist you and, given that we’re so passionate about this craft, you’ll receive excellent customer care and stellar advice from a friendly and knowledgeable team.
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