Mandala Diamond Painting Kits

Mandala Diamond Painting Kits

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    5 products

    Show Your Spiritual Side with a Mandala 5D Diamond Painting Kit

    Channel some inner peace with our marvelous patterns and relax as you get into the motion and flow of this enchanting craft. Diamond painting is incredibly soothing and a fantastic way to express yourself – no matter your artistic level and talent. It’s a great opportunity for adults to get creative, have fun and feel calm and serene.

    We give you all the tools you need to complete mandala diamond art:

    • Premium packaging designed for crease-proof canvases
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • 1 x Premium adhesive canvas
    • 1 x Diamond tray
    • 1 x Diamond applicator pen
    • 2 x Multi-diamond applicator attachments
    • 1 x Adhesive wax
    • 1 x Quality metal tweezers
    • Packaged 5D diamonds, separated by color
    • Extra ziplock bags for diamond storage

    So, you’ll have everything you need to complete the picture!

    To get your mandala diamond painting kit underway we suggest that, firstly, you set up a nice flat, reasonably sized space to spread out all the equipment. Open everything up and investigate all the components. Carefully read the instructions and get to work! Essentially, you match the diamonds to their relevant symbol grid and gradually watch your image come to life.

    We Love 5D Diamond Painting Mandalas

    Mandalas are typically round or flower-like shapes that form a pattern and represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. Therefore, as you complete your 5D mandala diamond paintings you’ll be able to focus on microcosmic magic and feel the peaceful vibes of these faiths. Also, the patterns formed are simply spellbinding and vibrantly eye-catching so the end result will be a pleasing feast for the eyes. Mandalas have links with dreams and our pursuit of self-unity which connects nicely with their transcendent connotations. Basically, you’ll be a real spiritual guru as you embark on a mandala painting!

    Can You Mandala Diamond Paintings in a Frame?

    Of course! However, the mandala 5D diamond painting kit doesn’t come with a frame. you’ll have to purchase one separately but we think that the mandalas look incredible in a frame. A real feature in any room. Liven up your living room, jazz up the kitchen or bring some tranquility to your bedroom. Or you can even gift your finished and framed picture to a fellow artsy fan and we’re sure they’ll absolutely adore it.

    Have more questions for us? Email us or find us on social media to get in touch. Our Diamond Craft staff will do everything possible to fulfill your requests and remember that we have a money-back guarantee.
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