DMC Color Chart

What does 'DMC Color/Code' mean?

DMC (Dollfus-Mieg and Company) is a French textile company created in 1746. They are most known for their production of embroidery floss and yarn used in crochet and knitting. What does this have to do with diamond painting you ask? All the drills (diamonds) used in diamond painting kits have been color-coded according to the same chart used by the mentioned company that produces embroidery floss and given a 'DMC number'. There are 447 different DMC numbers all together, meaning that there are 447 differently colored diamonds available to use when diamond painting. If you know the DMC code for your drills, you can combine them with your left over drills from other paintings, which helps with organisation. For example, DMC-522 is always an army green, DMC-310 is black and DMC-151 is a baby pink. (Please note that there are sometimes slight color variances between different companies).

Please enjoy our free DMC color chart below. If you decide to print it off to use as a reference when kitting-up your own diamond painting, please use a very high-quality laser printer, to ensure the accuracy of color swatches.

You can also use the chart below as a reference if your kit is missing diamonds, or if you have lost some and you would like to purchase replacement diamonds. Check out our full range of replacement drills.

DID YOU KNOW that all our diamond painting kits include multiple different AB drills, including custom diamond paintings! Aurora Borealis (AB) drills are our premium diamonds that have a special iridescent coating that mimic the colors of the Northern Lights. They are used to accent the artwork, adding extra shimmer and shine to the overall finished masterpiece. 

If you haven't worked with AB drills before, we highly recommend trying one of our diamond painting kits. You will love all the extra pops of shimmer and shine!

dmc color chart

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